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Sound Vision Records - Releases

Artec's record label continues to produce a range of products including music, spoken word and e-books for niche markets including holiday, Christian, educational, childrens and pop.

Music & Audio Releases

Sound Vision Records releases an eclectic range of recordings. Here are some of the more recent ones. Our Top Spin Store is now starting to stock our downloads as well. Top Spin

Pal Sheldon Exit WoundsExit Wounds is Pal Sheldon's 2015 EP release. 6 songs about love and friendship... not unique topics but ones that are on all our hearts. Relationships between people are tricky, difficult and amazingly joyful all at the same time. The first two songs Wave of Love and If love is a Secret are about those first moments of realisation...

She Don't Need Him Anymore is about losing and gaining.. the flow between one relationship to another. Exit Wounds is about the devisatation of losing the one you love and Goodbye Beautiful Dream is about saying goodbye to hopless dreams. Prison Walls Fall Down started life as a prayer for a freind. iTunes or Bandcamp

Zombie loveZombie Love is the third single in the Halloween trilogy for 2013. Its soon to be the theme song for a Documentary. This one is ready for the club with a big dance vocal. Writen by Zelda, Pal and Caroline Turner. iTunes and Amazon



Hello Halloween is a party shout out to all the halloween fancy dress parties. Plenty of maniacle laughter and dancable beats. Written by Zelda Shelodn and Pal Sheldon Available at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby


Haunted HouseHaunted House by the Halloween Party Team, is the first single for the 2013 Halloween Celebration. Available on Amazon and iTunes. Writen by Pal and Zelda and TJ Carter.



Away AwayAway Away by Joel Kachel is a breezy fun party tune written especially for summer. It was recorded in Sydney, Adelaide and Minnesota.
Grab a listen and a download at iTunes now. The song was written in Nashville by Joel Kachel, Zelda Sheldon and Pal Sheldon

Zelda Sheldon Voice Warm UpsZelda Sheldon's Voice Warm Ups brings together the strategies and exercises recommended by top voice-health experts, giving singers, speakers and all voice users the most convenient and endurance-boosting voice warm up ever. Get it from iTunes here.


Winter CoatDon't Take Away Our Winter Coat is Pal Sheldon's second single. A song for the planet. Check out the Top Spin site to get a copy and a listen.



Tiny Little FingersTiny Little Fingers Songs for healthy, happy, children, new born to kindie by Ukulele Baby. For more information and to purchase some music go to



Jingle Bells MedleyJingle Bells Medley The Wacky Cracks sing 6 of your favorite Christmas songs in one crazy medley.Available at iTunes


Christmas I Love ChristmasChristmas I Love Christmas .If you like Crazy Frog, Gummy Bear, Sweety the Chick or the Chipmunks, you'll love the Wacky Cracks' "Christmas I Love Christmas!". Their perfect mix of funny, cute and annoyingly jolly tunes, prove once again, "You can't kill the Christmas spirit". Brighten up your day and get the Wacky Cracks' "Christmas I Love Christmas" on your phone now! Spread that Christmas cheer to all your friends. Available at iTunes

My MelodyMy Melody by Pal Sheldon is Pal's first solo single since the Mixed Grill. Alt folk love songs at their very best. Check out Pal's web site only available on bandcamp.



BreatheBreathe Relax into Stuart Sheldon's latest deep meditation experience. Calm your mind and relax your body. Use Breathe to enhance sleep, reduce stress, clear and focus your thoughts and advance your physical and mental well being. Breathe.... Available at iTunes


PainPain by The Mixed Grill: Released in 2008 this 4 track ep showcases some of Pal Sheldon's work with The Mixed Grill. Purchase your copy at CD baby  or  iTunes or check out Pal at



Love Lifted MeLove Lifted Me by Round up. This 12 track CD explores old Christian hymns in an americana setting. Purchase your copy at  CDBaby  or  iTunes




Book Releases

Artec Publishing has released a number of E books over the past few years. Here you can review our titles and links to purchase. More titles will be released soon including: The Shy Singers Handbook.

12 Mistakes12 Mistakes Professional Singers Avoid. A great "how to" book for the aspiring singer. Author Zelda Sheldon takes the reader through the mistakes with fun examples and simple explanations. available at Amazon and Nook





the ocean tamerThe Ocean Tamer is a novella by Pal Sheldon. It tells the story of Sahra, a young girl who travels to the ocean for the first time. She brings along her best friend Millie the goat. It is a fantasy / sci fi / road story especially for tweens to 15. Available on Amazon



Tiny-Little-Fingers-Sing-and-Play-Ukulele-Song-Book-Front-CoverTiny Little Fingers Sing and Play Ukulele Song Book. This is the companion music book to the Tiny Little Fingers music CD. It is available on Amazon.




Ukulele Lessons TodayUkulele Lessons Today Book 1. An instrustion book on how to play ukulele for beginners by Zelda Sheldon. It contains links to videos as well as excellent pitures and teaching to help students master this great little instrument. Available on Amazon.