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Songs for Artists

We love creating music with passionate artists and musicians.

On this page you'll find demos of some of the songs we have available for use on your releases, as well as links to some of the released co writen songs we have had the privilege of being involved with.

If you are looking for something specific please get in touch with us and we will see if we have what your looking for.

For artists looking for great songs to record we are here to help you find the best songs to showcase your artistry. We have songs written and ready to go, and we are also happy to collaborate with you through our publishing company to cowrite songs that fit your project. For more information or to set up a co-write email us here.

For artists and musicians with recorded music and songs that you believe would be a great for film and TV and advertising and you would like to be included in our indie publishing catalog we'd love to hear what you've got. Although we can't guarantee to take every track offered, we do welcome music creators to join our indie artist song catalog within our independent publishing company. It's a great way to increase your chances of monetising your music investment.

Some of our Co Writers

TJ Carter - Head Over Heels TJ Carter, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon

Joel Kachel - Away Away.... Joel Kachel, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon

Amanda Williams - Take a little Shot of Jesus Amanda Williams, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon

Sven Tydeman - Never Come Back Sven Tydeman, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon

Lisa Montes - This is America Lisa Montes, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon

Caitlin Eadie - Empty Space Caitlin Eadie, Zelda Sheldon, Pal Sheldon


Songs Released by our Co Writers

Stacy Mithhart - Live my Life - Stacy Mitchhart, Zelda Sheldon


Sam Lewis - Love me Again - Sam Lewis, Zelda Sheldon