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Sync Catalog.

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This catalog contains sync ready music for Advertising, Film and Television

Currently the music is broken into 9 players:

Feel Good: Happy songs with a sunny disposition, great for advertising or a feel good movie.
Ambient: Lay back and watch the cosmos, breath deep and let the world pass by with these restful pieces.
Ukulele: All these tracks feature theis great little instrument asit lends its self to different emotions.
Sports Action: This is where we put the rock and heavey dance tracks.
Childrens: From lullubys to songs about trains all cute and cuddly.
These tracks will work for an environmental story.
Blues Roots:
Dark and dirty songs with 3 chords...
Dark Master
: atmospheric soundscapes that evoke intrique, tension and fear.


Song Catalog.

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This catalog contains demos of songs ready to be recorded by artist. You may re-record these songs for use on your own music releases. A standard license is required. They are broken into styles for easier selection.