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Our Gear

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Soundcraft TS 24 (32 channel in line)
Refurbished 2017 by Creation Audio Labs


Neumann U89i
Neumann U69 Stereo
Royer SF24
Coles 4038
dpa 4060
Sennheiser 416 x 2, 421 x 2, 441
Studio Projects C3 x 2, T3
AKG 460 x 2 , 451 x 4, 224E
Beyer 88 x 2
Shure SM57 x 2
Shure Beta 58
Electrovoice RE 20

1984 De Gruchy 6 string accoustic guitar (Mahogany)
2005 De Gruchy 6 string accoustic guitar (Brazilian Rosewood)
2010 Collings concert cutaway (Mahogany)
1977 Maton stereo guitar
2006 Nash Telecaster (1957 copy)
Ukuleles x 2
1982 Maton Bindara acoustic bass
Fender Mustang short scale bass (Flat wounds)
Epiphone Jack Cassidy Semi Accoustic Bass
NORD Stage 88
Waldorf XT


Software Instruments:
Stylus RMX
Addictive Drums
Mach Five 2

Eden Traveler 550 Bass Head / Ashdown 15' Cab
Vox Path Finder

Recorders - 24 in 24 out
Pro Tools HD12
AVID 16 x 16 interface
AVID HD Omni 8 x 8 Interface
Universal Audio 2192 Master Audio Interface

Brook F-96 x 2 (1176 Clone)
Urie 1178 & LA-12
Audio Design Vocal Stresser
Avalon Vt737 x 2

Microphone Pre Amps
Telefunken V76/80 (in Pro Harmonic Rack)
Avalon Vt 737 x 2
Crookwood Paintpot (stereo)
SYTEK MPX-4A quad amp
Soundcraft TS 24 - 32 Channels

Reverb & FX
Lexicon 224XL
Roland SRV 2000
Yamaha Rev 5 & Rev 7
Korg SDD 3000 Delay
Yamaha E1005 Analog Delay



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Who We Are

Artec is a full service sound and music company from creation of concept through composition, production and publishing. We write and create custom music for artists, advertising, television and film. We also have a growing catalog of original songs for artists and broadcast-ready music for sync. Our company has worked in the Television and Advertising Industries for over 20 years as well as the corporate sector mixing Television Series, Documentaries and Corporate Videos.

Where We Are

Artec Sound Vision Productions LLC
Nashville TN 37216
P: (615) 727-2285
pal at